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Exploration and Growth

  • Regain the power of your awareness

    With politicians selling themselves to the highest bidder, corporations and special interest groups pushing fear based propaganda and pushing their pet politicians to sow chaos and disinformation, as well as all of the other things we all personally have to deal with from financial issues and inflation to the truly personal things like maintaining our relationships and dealing with our very real, very personal fears, we couldn’t possibly keep up. Those who are creating the problems and pulling the strings of this country at present are always going to be a step ahead because they have the money and the time to plan ahead and to deal with anything that life throws their way. So many in this country can barely think about the now, let alone next week or next year. And that is the answer to what I was asking myself earlier, why aren’t more people seeing the underlying ramifications of these crises? Because they are being intentionally burned out and desensitized. The human body can only handle so much stress. At some point a high level of stress kicks us into survival mode and forces us to prioritize our stress.
  • Why Is Abortion Even Up For Debate?

    As the news of the Supreme Court's leaked decision regarding overturning Roe v. Wade continues to dominate the news cycles, as well as our various social medias, I have to ask; why is this even up for debate? I fully understand the severity of it, in fact more than many as I understand the greater ramifications as well, but in the end how did it even get this far? What rights do the federal and state governments of our nation have to rule on, or legislate, abortion? I could understand if we were speaking of how it is funded or how it is carried out with a view on safety or malpractice, but when it comes to the right to make decisions on whether abortion is legal or not and to punish those found to be in violation of these decisions there is no right that exists.